Leading and learning continues to evolve as we face new challenges and find new opportunities to best meet the needs of young people during extraordinary times. To help leadership teams continue to develop their educational systems and serve their communities in 2021 and beyond, the CCEE has created The Field Guide for Accelerating Learning, Equity and Well-Being. 

The Field Guide provides LEAs with tools to reflect on key lessons learned from 2020, plan a safe return to campus, respond to logistical needs of scheduling, develop effective communication plans, create continuity of learning, facilitate goal-setting, gain inspiration for what lies ahead, and more. It is an evolving compendium of curated resources from many California LEAs, partners, and educators to help us reimagine education together. We invite you to check back often for more resources and tools. 

Learning Acceleration
Prioritizing Well-Being
Committing to Equity
Health & Safety
Tools & Resources
Leading Forward


Reimagining Summer
and Expanded Learning

How do we engage and support
learning, connection, and curiosity beyond the school day and year?
  • Maximizing Funds
  • Accessing AB86 Funds
  • Design Powerful Programs
  • Social-emotional Learning, Project-Based Learning, Staffing and Scheduling


Health & Safety Considerations

How do we minimize risk and prepare for students returning to campus?
  • Identifying Key Liaisons
  • Creating a Site Specific Protection Plan
  • Purchasing PPE
  • Criteria for Reclosure

Seamless Communications

How can we effectively communicate with our community?
  • Sample Letters
  • Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Multiple Modes of Connecting
  • Sample Post Flyers and Visuals


How can we structure student groups to maximize safety?
  • Types of Models
  • Considerations for Selecting a Model
  • Sample Schedules
  • Picking a Scheduling Model

Accelerating Learning

How do we create strong student outcomes despite interruption of learning?
  • Math
  • Foundational Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Science

to Equity

How do we support the needs of our most vulnerable learners to create equitable outcomes?
  • Equity Pause
  • Evaluation and Data
  • Teaching Diverse Learners


How do we increase students’ well-being and create the conditions for learning?
  • Identifying Basic Needs
  • Recognizing & Responding to Trauma
  • Relationships and Connection
  • Movement and the Brain


How do leaders navigate uncertainty and complexity for short term recovery and long term success?
  • Defining an Ideal Future State
  • Managing Change
  • Roles and Relationships
  • Community Partnership

All Staff

How do we support teachers and staff both emotionally and professionally?
  • Fostering a Health-Seeking Culture
  • Fostering a People-Centered Culture
  • Fostering a Learning-Focused Culture

Skills for Success

How do we prepare students across multiple settings for a future that does not yet exist?
  • Wayfinding Skills
  • Student Agency
  • Self Directed Learning
  • Developing a Graduate Profile

Teaching in
Varied Modes

How do we adapt and reimagine learning to most effectively teach learners across multiple modalities?
  • Integrating New Modes
  • Personalized Learning
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Giving Feedback for Mastery


How do we strengthen and leverage family-school relationships?
  • Reimagining Family Engagement
  • Maintaining Ongoing Connection
  • Supporting Parents as Teachers


How do we rethink the role of technology as a tool across systems?
  • Rethinking the Role of Technology
  • Planning, Launching, and Sustaining
  • Online Safety
The Field Guide for California LEAs
The Field Guide for accelerating learning, equity, and well being was developed by the California Collaborative for
Educational Excellence for California LEAs in collaboration with technical assistance partners.