Join leading educators across  California and the nation to learn about strategies, tools, and tips to accelerate learning, equity and well-being. 

The past year has been one of many shifts for classrooms throughout the country. But whether you are a teacher, principal, parent, district leader, or board member, you are not facing this challenge alone.

CCEE is partnering with educational leaders to identify tools, videos, courses, and other resources to help us all learn from each other as we focus on accelerating learning for our students, while advancing equity for our vulnerable student groups and ensuring that we are addressing the whole child.

Sign up for courses that will be opening in the coming weeks, browse our resources that have been selected to address the needs that we are facing right now in classrooms on site and online, and continue to check back as we expand our offerings in the coming weeks and months.

Join us in Leading Forward in 2021, and tell us what you are doing to move your students forward! #LeadingForward2021

Speaker Series Featuring...

Michael Fullan
Global Leadership Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
... and more!
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Focus Areas

Systems Leadership

What does it take to be a systems-driven leader during this time?


How do we ensure that students are thriving both socio-emotionally as well as academically?

Advancing Equity

How do we advance equity for students/schools during this ongoing crisis?

Teaching & Learning

What does instruction need to look like in order to ensure learning opportunities for every student?

Formative Assessment

How do we measure student needs and progress and ensure that we are supporting the whole child?

Leading Forward Together:
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Leading Forward in 2021: A Self-Paced Education Series
The Leading Forward in 2021 Self-Paced Education Series is an effort by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence
to mitigate learning loss and help rebuild stronger school communities in California.